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WS2851 LED

• With WS2811 IC and RGB chip integrated in a 5050 component, the WS2811 IC not only controls the integrated RGB5050, but also controls the external RGB5050 LEDs.
• 12V Voltage of Output port.
• With VR-tube built in 5050 components, only one resistor is needed to make it work when voltage is below 24V.
• Built-in Signal Reshaping circuit, any IC receives the signal, and then re-exported through the waveform reshaping to ensure that the waveform distortion of the circuit will not accumulate.
•  Built-in Power-on reset circuit and Power-off reset circuit, PWM control side can achieve 256 gray level adjustment.
• The reception and decoding of cascading data can be completed by a Serial Interface.
• Transmission distance between any two points is no more than 10 meters, no need any additional circuit.
Much smaller and more space-saving while applied in LED flexible strips.
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