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LED resuming what is it? What are the advantages in application?


As we all know, since the development of optical products, products become more diverse application areas with our understanding of LED magic lantern, has gradually increased. Such as lighting, decorative KTV, bar lighting layout, game lighting, wheelbarrows, twisting, magic lantern light, balanced car decoration and so on.
Basic WS2812B in the past, transmission has a single weakness, which is a light failure will affect the normal use of all light, so it can influence the overall effect of luminescence. As, WS2813B all lights listed, also overrides the previous one signal transmission. So-called LED resuming means: signal is double signal line cross-transmission of programmes, can interrupt signal after a point, another alternate signal line bypass trouble spots, the signal transmission to the next pixel. This failure can only be a single light does not shine without other light does not shine, wouldn't affect the overall results. Single transmit LED lights cannot be features. Therefore, LED resuming light eliminates the worry about maintenance, and installers will no longer have to worry about lamp is broken.
Hangzhou WS2813 resuming a KTV as aisle decoration

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