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In today's era of LED lights, people and LED tightly together and cannot be separated from people's lives. LED lights in our daily life and in almost any field you want to use to, especially the advertising industry more. And as the lights are LED by their power to work, so the installation personnel must be aware of when installing LED lights power supply connection is necessary, because if the leakage may be caused by the accidents are unpredictable, while when it comes to LED5050 installation is LED5050 Lantern manufacturer is more professional, LED5050 Lantern suppliers give you remind LED5050 lights installation should pay attention to some of the issues, and let everyone know.
LED one of the lights installation Note: the controller connection, wiring when the LED marquee with phantom lights and RGB controller is required to achieve the changes effect.
LED lights installation Note II: LED5050 full lights wiring method. LED5050 Lantern General voltage 12V DC, hence the need to use switching power supply, size of the power under section LED5050 all lights power and the connection length. Monochrome of 5050 posted tablets LED lamp article of wiring is to distinguish plus or minus very, General we provides welding good of power plug, directly plug to we provides of lamp with power above on good, if not hope each article LED5050 full Lantern article are with a power to control, can purchase a power compared big of switch power do total power, then put all of LED5050 full Lantern article entered power all parallel up, unified by total switch power power.
Symphony of lights are generally common anode, that is, light bar, there's a +12V others are negative RGB three cathode, connection and each controller the control distance is not the same, as a general rule, a simple controller for 10 to 15 meters, remote controller control distance of 15 to 20 metres, maximum control to 30 meters distance.
LED lights installation notes of all three: pay attention to the LED5050 Lantern connections. In General, the LED5050 lantern to the maximum connection distance up to 20 metres, if this connection is beyond the distance, the LED5050 Lantern very easy to heat, use process will affect the life of LED5050 lights. Therefore, the installation must be in accordance with article LED5050 Lantern manufacturer requirements for installation, avoid Lantern LED5050 full load operation.

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