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Characteristics of LED light source


1, and LED points light and LED display of function compared: LED points light and LED display are can by computer control for real-time transmission advertising information, play advertising video, free replaced advertising content, and LED display of pixel high, displayed precision corresponding also high, near distance effect more good, LED points light display in far distance watch Shi also has quite good of Visual effect, can meet large advertising of far distance Visual need, neon advertising brand changes relative monotone, cannot for real-time transmission
And the replacement advertising content, use the function.
2, characteristics of the LED light source: LED spot light can be programmed freely control multiple simultaneous changes can achieve synchronous color, skip, scan, full-color changing effects such as water, can also be composed of multiple point source lattice display screen, change a variety of pictures, text, animations etc; with low power, long life and so on.
3, LED spot light with the use of the diversity of situations: LED light sources can be used for a dot matrix display, can also be used in urban lighting project houses, bridges and other building outline sketch, hotels, hotels, entertainment venues such as indoor decorative lighting projects, have great market prospects.
4, is followed in the world of eco-design of green lighting, LED light source is a high efficient energy saving light source without mercury-filled, can reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere, LED can also be used in combination with solar cells, it is one of the most environmentally friendly light source. LED spot light lamp for die-cast aluminum, aluminum, aircraft aluminum, aluminum heat sink design shell Lampshade PC materials, polyester prismatic diffuser, rubber seals and other environmentally friendly materials.

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