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LED channel letter show the colorful city


When darkness comes, when Shenzhen, a big city lit, became a sea of light, the light of the world. Colorful ads, full of neon lights, a steady stream of people, tall buildings, a variety of color LED letters to the city to decorate magnificent, sparkling. At night under the AC power status LED channel letter will emit coloured light, its brightness gives an absorbing the magic eye, these colored light give different moods, greatly advances the brand's value, so as to promote the activities of life consumption benefits. LED channel letter with our demand will be in public places, transport, civil aviation, transport and other industries will be given greater use.
LED channel letter is this sparkling night scene of the city's most beautiful decoration. According to the Shenzhen City science fiction limited focus LED channel letter manufacturing experience to share, and our industry through a variety of fonts way, differences analysis came to the conclusion: the LED channel letter has very good prospects in the current market. LED luminous characters and traditional acrylic plastic, its brightness is more than 1 time of acrylic products, scrap the appearance of fine. Acrylic plastic they overheat at high temperature deformation of winter low temperature embrittlement in serious, and environmental influences fade too quickly. And the life of the common acrylic plastic life several times, in the area of environmental protection and energy saving advantages with traditional letters can not be compared.
LED channel letter manufacturing to the information used in the advertising materials in the back spray light box: high gloss, bright colors, high image resolution, after lighting the screen expression better, matte and glossy two full transparency: transparency is good, suitable for transparencies, compound, transparent hanging picture, etc. But also has some drawbacks, for example new use LED channel letter color pure light, but due to poor quality of LED, installation not correct, with the passage of time, about a year or so's time, LED channel letter will exhibit different attenuation levels of brightness, seriously affecting the LED glow effects.

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