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LED lights led showcase the popular causes


Say LED5050 all lights, people in General think it is energy saving. LED lights with just initials, full name is a semiconductor light emitting diodes. LED5050 lantern light principle is high brightness light emitting diode light source. But LED lights band bread display cases just to save energy.? Clearly the real reason this is not the case.
LED5050 lantern light issued not only charming, but very little heat, not because the light source long term direct sunlight caused bread dry bread. Traditional T5 lamps, especially poor T5 lamp if direct sunlight for a long time the bread surface will make the bread dry, affecting bread and delicious taste and look.
LED5050 lantern light and soft, because the power is very low, so it emits heat is very small. "Heat small" this is LED5050 all lights are widely used in bread and showcase the most important reason, we mention LED5050 all lights, high light efficiency, low power consumption, security, environmental protection, light color and soft, bright, colorful, low loss, low energy, and ease of installation, and green features.
We here by the way episode, teach you how to install LED5050 all lights, first indoor installation: LED5050 all lights when used in interior decoration, in the absence of rain as an outdoor, so installation is very simple. In the market, behind each LED5050 lantern with self adhesive 3M tape are posted, when installed, you can directly remove 3M double-sided adhesive sticker on the surface. Then lights fixed LED5050 when you need to install, using the hand flat on the. Some places require rotation or longer do? This problem is very simple, LED5050 lantern is three LED-circuit consisting of a set of parallel structures. Three each LED can be cut separately.

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