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Decorative LED lighting has a clear market appeal


Decorative LED lighting has a clear market appeal, LED magic lantern and full color point light is to achieve the lighting market commodities essential to high-end products. Commercial appeal must not show its value as a single, but in features, atmosphere and characteristics of goods displayed in all part of the comprehensive role down to make up for the shortage of space itself. LED magic lantern with and full color points light is decorative space design of leads, except meet basic of create active of atmosphere function yiwai, also auxiliary lighting products and the advertising brand, and the theme of features show, most important of is, magic color products for commercial space create "fatal temptation" atmosphere, caters to customer of aesthetic taste, makes popularity of commercial space has very big of affinity, to achieved maximum visual effect, to foil has whole environment of high-end, and atmosphere, and Shang grade.
Economic development, enhance the quality of customer, customer shopping experience is the increasingly high demand, it is clear that business atmosphere became a very important marketing tool. "Space atmosphere of create except color, and background music, and environment smell zhiwai also has is important of is that is brightness, science fiction lighting for products of production defined unified are for highlighted of LED 5050 lamp beads, respectively has monochrome and RGB," new future bright of decorative "knows LED magic lantern article, and full color points light lights brightness on bright of decorative space is a" soft packaging "! Proposed commercial space should create a "fatal attraction" atmosphere, firmly grasp each customer visual appeal, gives a pleasant and relaxing mood, only happy, can better, more oriented to promote consumption, and promote the business brand value.
Magic Lantern article and full color points light create out of atmosphere first to determine himself of "environment theme", bright of decorative space of "environment theme" is each high-end places space of stealth logo, so has biography party magic lantern article of place on representative with places of high-end, through magic color products let space in the of a surface or form more highlight, to reached experience space of theme, indoor lights bright of design more to master magic lantern article and the full color points light of glow angle, near light weak; far light more color blend, changes speed speed up, Color and monochrome display, and less light into slow changing speeds, amount of guests slowly, stay in the shop, only the customers appreciate products, will give the owner more than a selling hope. Also pay attention to lighting luminance and luminous efficiency have a psychological effect on people, because the science of lighting decorative lighting, artistic rendering is set off the whole atmosphere of the space, and theme effects. Through the "environment" of the show, forming optical products to do lighting decorations on the operating characteristics, an important means to promote brand awareness.
Commercial lighting decoration, lighting design:

Determine places lighting decoration theme, there is abundant space level. Manipulate light rays reflected the gradual transition of the space. Proper lighting design can make people feel every boundaries of the area of space of the room, WS2811 Magic Lantern (also known as LED lights) use a different installation point and light colors to divide the different function spaces. While RGB magic led strip products through the program a light intensity between primary and secondary, was defined more clearly by space, decorated space is more abundant.
Indoor lighting decoration design distinguishes it from other the main reason lies in the consumer space and goods feelings, including rendering of interior lighting and decoration design of space is an important factor, lighting from simple illumination supporting role into environmental art. The lamp, light, shape, the combination of the shadow space monomer to a holistic and integrated, bringing is already hearing, sight, smell and even taste the spiritual experience of the senses. Let people in a relaxed environment.
Lighting decoration, lighting design:

By LED RGB products magic decorations out, reached the scene of "fatal attraction" atmosphere, enhancing the attractiveness of locations, if you can improve the customer attention for a product, extended stay in the shop, and the desire to buy, have proved to be a successful sales and marketing. By magic lantern LED light decoration to improve, enhance the atmosphere of commercial space, win the silent marketing campaign.


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