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LED lights product features


LED magic lanterns in LED decorative applications on the market are very broad, magic lantern LED to less pollution, low energy consumption, stability is very good. LED magic lantern is primarily used for indoor and outdoor decoration, and decoration, play a very fancy effects, while LED lights can also be based on the environment shows not the same animation effects and patterns. Because most of the long, shaped similar to a band but also light, so called LED light bar. LED magic lantern structure is extremely simple, all lights are LED RGB led, driver IC and Board composition, shape of Strip. As the LED magic lantern is now outside with a thick glue solid as a protective layer, so this will be a major feature of its external thick insulated waterproof effect, there is a need to placed under water. And as a result is very soft, and can be bent to build lots of shapes, so people also call him LED RGB flexible led belt, also called the LED magic lantern.
LED magic lanterns suitable for hotels, KTV, bar, entertainment and leisure venues, such as decoration to heighten the atmosphere, makes the whole atmosphere moments dazzle and active. LED full color RGB led Strip applied to run toward romance, like creative friends for personal decoration of the apartments and new homes, its soft, light, thin, extremely easy to install features well suited to DIY your own personal space. Suitable for chassis decorations, body and interior decoration, high brake decoration, advertisement, urban lighting project, exhibition hall and building external wall decoration and so on.
Over the past six months LED optical products are widely used in LED brake lights, automobile tail lights, LED lighting, LED car lights, LED light, LED module, LED lights, night decoration, concert lighting, stage lighting and more lighting products. Enormous market potential, and LED magic lantern, LED spot light, LED module Symphony, LED light, full-color exposure lights throughout the annual growth of the market is clear, peak in 13-15 is, annual sustained growth over 200%.
Here LED 5050 LED magic lantern of commonly used features and applications.
5050 RGB (three-chip) chip is not waterproof flexible LED magic lantern series (30 LEDs/m)
1, LED lights with 5050RGB light and flexible PCB circuit board substrates, 1.3-meter led super bright 5050 (triple) SMD LED light, beam angle of 120 degrees.
2, LED light bar with 3M adhesive on the back, easy to install, can be used in interior decoration, shop lighting, background, light, and other projects.
A, filling plastic water resistant to 1, this is all transparent glue waterproof flexible led Strip, is completely waterproof, but also keep the LED lights with very soft, able to bend the characteristics, which greatly improves the quality of light stability, reliability, and security. Waterproof IP68, can be used under water.
2, special waterproof material, guaranteed to-25 ° c to +40 ° c environments, can maintain soft easy styling features, is the ideal outdoor lighting decoration product lines.
B, single-sided epoxy waterproof LED lights with surface sealant waterproof, with 3M adhesive on the back, water-resistant grade IP65.
C, casing waterproof LED lights with high-translucent silicone casing materials waterproof, waterproof IP67.
5050 RGB (three-chip one) non-waterproof flexible LED 5050 SMD magic lantern series (60 LEDs/m)
1, LED lights with the flexible PCB printed circuit board substrate, light super bright 1.6-meter 5050RGB (three-chip combo) SMD LED light, beam angle of 120 degrees.
2, LED magic lanterns with 3M adhesive on the back, easy to install, can be used in interior decoration, shop-lighting project. Article 2, this lamp 3 lights DC12V can do as a group, can also be made into 1 light; DC24V is 6 light group can be cut according to the length requirement group.

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