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LED lights and LED lights what is the difference?


LED lights: LED lights and LED lights with this product is shaped like a band, plus product is the original main LED.
Phantom lights LED: LED Lantern is the so-called band LED the Assembly in FPC flexible printed circuit or PCB on hard, is so named because its shape like a band.
LED lights and LED lights are generally interchangeable, are all examples of flexible led strips, but magic lantern with especially flexible led strips, the circuit board is made of FPC led Strip. Light bar including soft lights and hard light bar two, one is made with FPC boards, one is hard to do circuit boards. Using general specifications voltage DC 12V voltage, 24V voltage. There is a special order, voltage is rather special, 6V useful, it also uses 9V. Universal lamp specifications are on the market with 12V voltage.
LED 5050 marquee magic and all lights are easy to install, energy-saving, long life, and display features such as many tricks, high brightness, uniformity is good. LED5050 all lights and magic can control lights in Happy Valley, flowing water, Windows that open, the Meteor crash, Chase patterns change. Display any color can be combined freely into any pattern, especially light screen to use.
LED lights and lights belt light belt light colors bright, high visibility and visually appealing. Is widely used in corridor wall, interior decoration, entertainment, liquor cabinet bar backlit ceiling backlight, LED light source, LED signs, aquarium supplies, decoration and so on, are replacing traditional lamps and neon lights, fluorescent lights of a new generation lighting source.

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