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LED lights manufacturing and use


Because products with energy-saving LED lights article, pattern, changing effects dazzling, high brightness, the price is right, wide application environments, most notably also good features such as easy installation, more and more popular with the consumer preferences. Across the industry, everyone for all the name or names of the Lantern is not uniform, the industry's most professional translation, LED lights are also called LED magic lantern. This products and market General lamp Article relative than, main is in FPC Board Shang more has a star drive IC, while in Board of manufacturing process in the on its copper of requirements is has must of standard, if manufacturing process in the, copper of using improper, will serious led to products not stable of situation, so General in LED magic lantern article 12V 30 lamp of Board requirements Shang will in double panel 2A copper above. 144 lights generally to 2.5A more than copper.
1, how to cut LED lights:
Ordinary LED light strips according to customer requirements of different constituencies to make a cut. But some customers will require a single LED to make a cut where it is unreasonable. Because that would be tantamount to a parallel circuit, for the life of LED lamp is not guaranteed. So far as the Lantern, you can choose to have 3 lamps cut with a light cut, and 6 lights cut differences, each has a certain power supply standard difference, namely a 5V power supply, 12V power supply, 24V power supply in the industry was also magic lantern this product called a low pressure.
2.LED number of led lights:
LED lights led per meter of a fixed number. Such as WS2811, magic lantern, a meter with 60 led 5050RGB. WS2811 magic lantern 30 lights, 48 lights. There is also a single point of control light bar, built-in IC, WS2812B lamps, 30 light 60 led, 90 lights, 144 lights, and so on. If you have other special requests, such as 50 bulbs per meter, this involves the circuit you want to modify. As it is usually the 3 LED a group if 50 lights, will become a group is not enough, but if the two LED a group of words, will increase the resistance of the resistor, and this will result in a waste of resources. So, when special requirements LED lights, be sure to note the bulb number is a multiple of 3, voltage so as not to cause a waste of resources.
3. the parallel circuit in contrast to the strengths and weaknesses of the series circuit:
LED lights of the circuit in series and parallel circuits to achieve, the series has the advantage of simple control, market price relative comparative advantages, market demand and capacity is good. The disadvantage, led Strip lights if the bad one in the Middle, will affect all the lights work properly. Parallel circuit has the advantage of LED lights if it breaks in the middle of a lamp will not be affected following the normal use of the lights, so just add a series circuit faults. LED lights WS2821 disadvantage of parallel circuits, after installation, will have to make an address on steps, so that each pixel is a single address. Other is market price to all lights are more expensive than the serial scheme. LED light bar parallel programmes suitable for outdoor lighting projects and projects.

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