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LED lights to lighten the trend a new step by step


Landmark is a city or landmark. Tall buildings, overpasses, plazas, monuments of culture, are likely to become a landmark. One night, commanding overlooking the entire city, most beautiful, lighting bright colours, the most abundant building it. Shenzhen City cadenza Granville limited led technology development of trend, follow urbanization construction and civilization development of pace, engaged in LED decorative magic color products development production, on city bright of, households within, and outside decorative with loaded up of products has: LED magic lantern article LED magic color WS2811/WS2821 points light, LED full color WS2811/WS2821 module, LED perforation Word, magic color glow word in LED City bright of, and LED signs advertising decorative, and LED full color display has a strong technical force and a broad market base.
In the past, we have when it comes to the heart of the city, think of "colorful, bizarre, signs everywhere, beneath the neon skyscrapers" ... ... This adulation. But now the mood of these words still, content is already OUT. Neon? Long strings of fairy lights? Color light bulb surrounded by signs? These have become nostalgic theme of the movie.
Now, these have been high-tech LED series replaced the magic, a new generation of products contains LED lights WS2811/WS2821 led Strip, LED WS2811/WS2821 RGB 5050 led Strip, LED full color WS2811 spot light, LED full color WS2811 module, exposed LED full color WS2811/WS2821 out the lights, WS2812B pixel screen. Let us take a look at some city landmarks for lighting decorations are by any means: run subtitles on glass curtain wall, wall, bright, beautiful LED outdoor advertising display (Outdoor led display), colorful decorations on the overpass! These are LED lights series masterpiece. LED digital tube, LED tube, LED Symphony of lights, LED shooting star lights, LED lights, LED light ... ... Beautiful buildings, such as the dream of leisure parks, dazzling landmarks, are led by these series dress up magic!
Now, not just large cities, even small and medium cities, counties, towns have their own landmarks, City Plaza, also use LED lights in 5050 RGB products look. This is the trend of high-tech progress and human civilization. This trend is unstoppable.
LED 5050RGB series of products in the field of magic, is the application of semiconductor technology. In fact except for some special LED products, decoration, LED advertising LED City lighting, LED full color display are LED lamp bead, Crystal encapsulation technology of application forms.
LED lighting products, not only has the characteristics of lighting products, also has a rich species, wide range of application features, lighting can be used in various environments, its dreamy effect and low energy consumption results are superior to traditional neon series, lights and other products;
LED pixel screen is with high brightness, 5V pixel screen, environmental protection and energy saving, low power, long life, small size, light weight, any bending, the advantages of portability, has replaced the traditional large-screen display mode.
In the LED industry, mastered the new technologies in order to control the future, Hua CAI Wei always adhere to scientific and technological innovation over the years, independent research and development, have LED5050 magic lantern, LED full color point light, LED module, LED full color the whole ball-shaped lantern made achievements in the field, covering domestic and international product support and services in many countries and regions.

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