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Light font and display is the difference in


LED channel letter both LED and LED display, LED light and LED display what's the difference? LED channel letter is a LED display? In many stores, often encounter a variety of multicolored, illuminated LED glowing words. Especially in the night, each store has a wide variety of LED luminous characters, to the night market, bring incomparable beauty. Many of my friends are saying, these letters LED display, really is it?
In many cases, we also beat, luminous LED displays, in fact, that's not true, there is some difference between the two, here we come to the specific analysis.
First, what is the LED channel letter
Common LED channel letter is made from metal sheet shell composed of three parts, LED light source, font, compared with LED display, constitute a much simpler, do not need professional LED display module. On the light, the power supply is connected, has compiled programs, under the transmission, then will see the glittering on screen subtitles.
Second, what is a LED display
LED displays (LED panel): the LED is a light emitting diode, led the English abbreviation, abbreviation LED. It is a means of controlling semiconductor light emitting diode display used to display text, graphics, images, animation, ticker, a video display screen, video signals and other information.
Difference between three, LED lighting and LED display
Difference between a superficially, through our eyes, it is easy to see differences between fonts and a whole screen, one is constituted by one stroke, one by one by one to form the unit Board, two outdoor forms are easily distinguished.
Difference between two, Constitution, also said before, LED display is constituted by the unit and attach than LED channel letter, more complex. In addition, external fixation, border, water equipment. Constitutes an essential part of a LED display.
Differences between the three, feels, led channel letter is still, not moving, led displays is free to replace the word ready software to adjust the font, size, and content. Led light is not easily replace the word, if still need to again produce a needs to be replaced.
Differences between the four, glowing effects, types of letters, to plastic, for example light is relatively soft, LED display is a direct light, unit boards led directly to light, luminous intensity is stronger.
Although there are differences, but in terms of luminescence, display, LED channel letter as not inferior to the LED display in a number of small hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other places, letters still has a lot of range. Such as banks, municipal construction, roads, factories, hospitals, large LED display will be preferred.
Believe in energy saving, environmental protection market in the future, the two will play a greater role, our colorful life, also brought us a lot of convenience.

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