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 Q1. What are the advantages of WORLDSEMI and its items?

a. WORLDSEMI is the origional manufacturer of WS2801,WS2811,WS2818,WS2812S,WS2812B,WS2813A,WS2813B,WS2813C,WS2818D,WS2815B,etc;

b.one of professional amusement led and Pixel LED light manufacturers.
c. We already had world wide customer and most of them located in Euro and North America and Russia;
d. We had 10 years experience with the led driver ic,chip inside led products and a sales team.

Q2. How is your company?

We had 10years experience on led driver ic production, company size : 4500 square meters,5 electronic engineers, 1 ISO manager,3 QC workers. 12 sales for now ,we located in DongGuan,GuangDong.

Q3.How long is the delivery time?
Usually we have meterial in stock :

LED Driver IC&LED:L/T is 1-3 working days after order being confirmed;

Regular LED Strip/Pixel light:LT/T is  3--7 working days after order being (PI) paid.
Custom products 15--30 days (Custom PCB) after order being (PI)'s deposit being paid..

Q4. How do i know your company realible ?
a. this company verified by Alibaba group
b. We had famous customer who distributing our products world wide (can be introduced)
c. contact a with our salesman for providing a cooperated customer's contact information who close to your city or country
d. use Skype ID video chat with our salesman to show you our factory,office etc...

Q5. How much tax should i pay for custom when we buy goods from you ?
Different country had different import policy, you need to figure out with Custom
we dont have a exact answer about this, but most of country 25% on the invoice value.

Q6. Can you design a animation before we do business ?

We have a animation and program designer in company , even if we didn't have business before,we will be happy to do an animation design or program file for you and it will be free.it's a part of business to help someone build something


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